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Furcadia Heimdall Tester


This utility was made in order to help a Furcadia technician obtain the following information about Furcadia's game server and its integrity:
  • Current availability of a Heimdall - which heimdalls can actually be accessed at the time of the test? This also tells which heimdalls cannot be accessed and may need attention from the admin.
  • Amount of "hits" for each Heimdall - which heimdalls were reached at the time of the test. This can tell if there is a bias where users are more likely to be sent to one Heimdall than the other.
  • Heimdall connectivity status - identify which heimdalls are connected to a horton/tribble and which of them aren't. This can help locating heimdalls that are not connected to the rest of the network and cause a problem in-game. (This feature is available only to bugge hunters and others who have an extended `which command!)
  • Server QTEMP values - mostly useful to Furcadia administrators who know what to do with these numbers.

System Requirements

This tool requires the .NET Framework 4 or higher in order to run. Those should be available by default in an up-to-date Windows XP and higher. Try it! If it doesn't work, you may have to download a .NET redistributable package: .NET Framework

In order to perform said tests, you need to use at least one Furcadia character, preferably one with the "extended `which" feature that gives a bit more information than the regular `which. Your options are to either specify the character name and password, or extract them from a Furcadia INI file if available.

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